LEAD Innovation Studio

Vol. 4, Issue 3 - September 4, 2020


We can’t wait to launch our school year officially on Tuesday, September 8th. It has been great connecting with our families and students via zoom sessions, via email and phone and through today’s 9th grade orientation. It has been the most unique run up to a school year I’ve ever experienced, but our team is ready to make this a great year for all of our students. There is lots of information included in the newsletter, including detailed location, bus shuttle, and first days of school information. Looking forward to Tuesday and the year ahead!


Check out the attached document for detailed information on each of the following items:

In person:

  • Where/how do I report?
  • When do I report?
  • What do I need to bring?
  • Once at LEAD, where do I need to go?
  • How do I get home at the end of the day?


  • Where/ how do I report?
  • When do I report?
  • What do I need to bring?

See the attachment below for details.


*Please note that navigational apps are not accurately recognizing our address. If you type in Hopewell Elementary, that will get you very near to our building. Here are step by step directions to our building with maps:

1. Arriving at Line Creek Parkway, where we are located: You will turn north on Line Creek Parkway from 68th Street. There is a light at the intersection (the sign will say Waukomis Dr to the south and Line Creek Parkway to the north).

2.You will remain on Line Creek Parkway until you reach the school. There will be an entrance to Hopewell Elementary on the right, please continue straight for approximately 1 mile on Line Creek Parkway. Note there is a turnaround, you will continue straight up the hill through the turnaround. Here is an image (from some time ago) of the road and building from an aerial view:

Big picture

LEAD Resources

The COVID-19 pandemic has been a difficult time for many families. There are a number of resources available to students and families to help support you. If your family could benefit from resources at this time, please fill out this resource request form- https://forms.gle/yA9BPKqY9CzUwwqQ8 . I am happy to provide a paper form by request. All information received and any service provided is kept strictly confidential. You may contact Betsy Chociej, LEAD School Social Worker, at ChociejE@parkhill.k12.mo.us or at (816) 359-6417. I look forward to working with your family!

Thank you,

Betsy Chociej, LCSW

School Social Worker


Last Spring when the pandemic occurred, the LEAD food pantry was utilized so that Feed Northland Kids could keep supplying our Park Hill community with necessary food items. Because of that, our pantry was in need of restocking. The LEAD AP Human Geography class of 2020 worked with Feed Northland Kids in order to come up with a plan to restock our LEAD food pantry. This virtual food drive was the result. The students presented their research at LEAD's first virtual showcase night and raised $210. Almost halfway to their goal!

The students would like to continue their efforts in order to restock the pantry fully. The pantry provides quick, nutritious, grab and go options that Feed Northland Kids has determined students utilize well. Once we reach our goal of $500 we can then buy the specific food items to restock for the 2020-21 school year. You can donate for specific items/costs found on the InvestNOW drive or give a general donation. Use this link if you would like to participate https://foundationgive.com/campaigns/5838/aphg-virtual-food-drive. Thank you for all of your help. Our LEAD community appreciates it!


Since we couldn't meet fact to face for registration, we've done what COVID has made all of us do . . . pivot. So here is a link to some information that you will find helpful and a tour of the building.


LEAD student schedules are live in Infinite Campus. To access your student’s schedule click on the schedule lab on the left. If you have more than one student in the district you will need to select the student you want to view from the upper right corner.

Please understand that the scheduling process is very complex and there is no guarantee students will get all of their requested courses at any high school.

LEAD will review schedule change requests for the following reasons:

  1. The student is missing a course that is required for graduation.
  2. The student did not have the prerequisite course needed for a course on the current schedule.
  3. The student already has received credit for a course that is currently on their schedule.

You can access the schedule change form on the LEAD website under the counselor tab. We will review schedule change requests until September 11th.


Transportation Options for in person students:

Bus: Busing is provided for students - there will be a bus to take students to the home high school, and a shuttle to go from the home high school to LEAD at the start of the day and back to the home high school from LEAD at the end of the day.

  • Music Shuttles - there are shuttles to transport music students between buildings
  • Northland Career Center - there are shuttles for NCC - details will be sent directly to NCC students.

*Details on busing - bus numbers, shuttle bus processes and numbers, and times will be provided next week.

Car Riders: Parents can drop students at LEAD and pick them up there. Students may also be taken to their home high school and picked up and utilize the shuttle. Students will need to be at the home high school by 7:35 to ensure catching the shuttle to LEAD in the mornings.

*Details on drop-off - detailed locations/ times are included in this newsletter. For your reference: The building address is 7201 N Line Creek Parkway, KC MO 64151.

Car Drivers: Students may drive - see details below in the parking information section.

Additional Notes:

  • Online students are responsible for their transportation to music classes.
  • Music students may drive to LEAD and their home high school. If they plan to drive to the home high school, they will need to purchase a parking pass through their home high school. That pass will be honored at LEAD as well – they do not need to purchase both stickers.


Parking is currently open to senior, junior, and (temporarily in split learning mode times to Sophomores) LEAD students. We may open parking to LEAD sophomores once we see how many parking spots remain after the seniors and juniors reserve their spots. There are a few music students that will purchase their parking stickers from the home high school. This will allow these students to drive their cars to the home high school rather than riding the LEAD music shuttle.The process for purchasing those parking stickers has already been communicated to those music students. LEAD will honor the home high school passes for our music students. You do not have to buy two passes. Also note: If your student is an athlete and their activity is leaving early, they may drive to the home high school and park on their lot. They do not need a parking sticker from the home high school to do this. If for some reason, the LEAD athlete receives a parking ticket, please see Mrs. Eisenmeneger and she will get the parking ticket excused for the LEAD student. LEAD parking stickers cannot be transferred to another LEAD student. If transference occurs, the sticker will be revoked for both parties. In order to purchase a parking sticker to park on the LEAD campus please do the following:Pay for the parking sticker in Infinite Campus. To do this: select Fees → My Account→ Optional Payments → Add to Cart.

  1. Complete this google form to reserve your spot. Remember you must actually currently have a driver’s license and be a junior or a senior at LEAD. https://forms.gle/Ufp4WL9zrdY9CJSZA
  2. Submit the Parking form attached to this newsletter to Teresa Graham. Please email the completed from to Grahamt@parkhill.k12.mo.us
  3. Include a picture of your driver license, insurance, and registration with your above form.
  4. Mrs. Graham will give students their parking pass when they are at LEAD the first couple of school days.
Parking Stickers for juniors and seniors must be purchased and reserved by Friday, September 11th. LEAD will then review how many spots (if any) remain for sophomore students and open parking for them


To drive to off campus classes, LEAD students must submit the following permission slip. This includes music classes at the home high schools and other programs such as NCC, NCAPS, and MCC-BTC. This school year, LEAD students will not be allowed to transport other students at any time in their cars to any of these off campus classes or programs. Please email the completed form to OffieldA@parkhll.k12.mo.us


Welcome back for the 2020-2021 school year, LEADers! I’m happy to announce the opening of our LEAD School Store online!

There are 4 main designs to choose from during this sale, each going on a variety of shirt/apparel options. You can choose from several colors on most of our apparel options as well. (Some are limited due to availability.)

*Note that Graphic C is only for staff members/mentors.

You can place orders on your own and pick them up at our new LEAD building (students only). Our store is now open and will close on Friday, September 11th, 2020. You can expect delivery on your purchases approximately 2 weeks after the sale has closed.

We will be running periodic sales all school year. If you don’t see anything for our back-to-school sale, come back in the future!

Big picture


We will host a virtual event to allow families to connect with LEAD facilitators and mentors and learn about courses and expectations.

Mark your calendars for Tuesday, September 15 at 6:30pm.

Family Onboarding: LEAD can look a little different from other buildings, and even for returning families, there have been changes to how we operate and updates to Summit. We will be sharing resources in the coming weeks to help "onboard" and orient our families to partner with us in supporting your students.


Students who purchased yearbooks last year will have those delivered when we return to school. These will be distributed to in person students through their Community Time. Students who are PH Online, may schedule a time to come pick up their yearbook after school hours. If you don't remember if you purchased a 2019-20 yearbook, feel free to email grahamt@parkhill.k12.mo.us.

We are now selling 2020-21 LEAD yearbooks. You can purchase yours for $15 through Infinite Campus. To do this: select "fees" > My Account > Optional Payments > Add to cart.


We have a few select online classes needing physical books. Students enrolled in those courses may pick up their books in the front office of LEAD after 3:15 Monday-Friday.


Students should have their laptop, and will need paper and writing devices. Calculator needs are dependent upon the specific courses students are enrolled in. We expect students to take extensive notes. We intentionally and explicitly teach note taking approaches - please be sure to send your student with the best solution for them in terms of folders, paper, binders, spiral notebooks, etc. as well as options for writing utensils that best work for your student - we highly encourage multiple color options for writing utensils, as well as highlighters, to support some of our note taking strategies. Some courses may encourage or provide additional supplies.


We are building new processes for arrival and dismissal, as well as storage for band instruments and athletic gear. We are asking that all LEAD parents complete this information form to help us with our planning. Please click on the hyperlink below!

Student Transportation Information