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Let's Get This Party Started

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You are NOT Alone!

Do you (and your team) want to Book Parties? Wouldn't it be great to have the Support and Participation of others - to book Parties Simultaneously? Join our Entire Group, On Randomly Selected 'Surprise' Days - Like TODAY, in our Booking Blitz Challenges.

Most Consultants think parties are 'hard' to get. They say they "can’t get parties" or "no one is interested" or they've "Talked to Everyone" but most the time the real reason you, or your team, are having booking problems it’s because they/you haven’t even Asked for a Party.

We've found that if you do this booking blitz with a buddy, whether in person or via Facebook Group, in a timed challenge, there is a BIG likelihood you will get lots of bookings.

Step 1: Get your Calendars Ready

How can you Book parties if you don't have days and times out in front of you - to book with? You MUST have your calendar open/out so you can SCHEDULE the Hostess right then and there - Put their name on a date!

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Step 2: Who's on your Contact "Hit List"?

Preparation of your Contact list is Key. Prepare your list of who you want to Contact. Notice, I said 'contact' not call.

You can Call, Text, Email, Skype, Facebook message, etc. anyone you know. You may have contacts who you only converse with on FB and don't have their phone number. Put them on your list to Contact. Some of your Contacts like to Text instead of talk. Some like to Talk and never email.

Maybe Today you only Make Phone Calls. Next Blitz you plan on Facebook Personal Messages or you do some of everything. It's all up to you but... you MUST have a Plan before you start your Booking Blitz!

If you don't know where to start with compiling your Hit list, Think of past hostesses or Customers. If you are new to the business, think about those friends and family that would really love having a party to HELP YOU get your business off the ground. If you've never completed your "List of 100" from your Start-Up Guide... Go fill it out now and start there!

NO MASS or GROUP Messages! When asking for a party you cannot mass text/email/fb message people. You have to ask each person individually and make it personal by putting their name at top (if you aren't calling them).

Think about how you'd be most likely to say YES to someone contacting you to have a party with another Party Plan biz. Would you like a Personal request or an impersonal group request? Would a live phone call put you on the spot more and make you more likely to say YES? Think about the kind of results you want and be very thoughtful about your approach to each of your contacts.

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Step 3: Set a Time Frame for your Blitz

Are you going to take 30 Minutes at Noon? How about 45 Minutes at 6pm? Are you going to find a Partner(s) on our FB Group or from your Team to do your Blitz with during the same time period to help motivate and hold you both accountable? Whatever you decide to do... Set a Start Time and 30-60 Minutes that you will dedicate to your Blitz.

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Step 4: Everything is Better with a Buddy!

Make your Booking Blitz fun by getting together with other team members either in person or online and keep cheering each other on. Maybe set a Booking Goal like 4 Bookings in 40 minutes. These are the kinds of things that keep you working the full Blitz time you set. If you don't know of anyone to buddy up with... Go on our Facebook Group and ASK anyone if they'd like to be your Booking Blitz buddy for that Day's Challenge. People will buddy with you!

Whether you have 1 buddy or 10 - make sure to find a buddy. You will hold yourself accountable this way and...you'll have more success as well as fun when you are having a healthy competition with friends that you get to cheer on who are also cheering for you!

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Step 5: What Are You Going to Say?

Have your CUSTOM scripts in front of you (See Below). Your ATTITUDE comes through on the phone and even in an email! Remember to smile when speaking and even while typing. Be excited and sincere and most of all...HAVE FUN with your Contacts. Make them Want to have a Party with you.

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Sample Script Ideas

Please personalize these scripts if you need to. If it doesn't sound 'natural' coming from you or is uncomfortable to say/write... tweak it a bit.

1st, pick ONE script you want to use for your Blitz. You don't want to hop back and forth between scripts. You will lose momentum, and Time, when you do this.

Call, Text or Instant Message Script:
“Hi __________! My Upline Mentor is challenging me to book as many parties as I can in the next 45 minutes and I really want to show her that I can do this! Will you Help Me out out by hosting an Origami Owl Jewelry Bar and earning lots of FREE Host Rewards? I'd really appreciate it!”. Then, be quiet! Let them speak and go from there.

If you Call and get Voice mail make sure to ask them to get back to you by doing the following:
"Again, this is ______ and my number is (XXX)XXX-XXXX. If I don't hear back from you I'll follow up with you on ________"_ This let's them know how to reach you AND that you will be following up with them... And you MUST follow-up!

Email Script:

“Dear ________.

You may know that I'm an Origami Owl Designer. My Upline Mentor is challenging me to book as many parties as I can in the next 24hrs and I really want to show her that I can do this!

Will you Please Help Me out out by hosting an Origami Owl Girls night and in return I'll help you earn lots of FREE product? Mother's Day is coming and these make great gifts.

I really want, and need, my business to succeed. Will you help me? If you Could get back to me either way I'd really appreciate it!

Thank you for your consideration,


Script Ideas for different kinds of contacts:

Past Hostess:
Hi ______! This is ______. I'm calling because I had so much fun doing your Origami Owl Jewelry Bar in October you were one of the first people I thought of to call and set up a Spring Party with! You and your friends will LOVE all of our NEW Spring Products. Would you like to set up a party?

Hi ____! This is ______. You don’t know me yet. I’m calling because ______________ gave me your number. She said you are one of the most fun people she knows AND that you just love BLING and cute jewelry. She thought that you might be interested in hosting an Origami Owl girls night and getting some FREE products. Would you like to have one?

Someone you met at a party:
Hi ____! This is ______ from ______’s Origami Owl girls night in November. I remember how much you loved Origami Owl and wanted to see if you'd be interested in getting some products for FREE! I remember how much you loved our cute charms and lockets and I thought you might like the opportunity to earn some for free. Would you like to have a Party?

Common Responses or Objections

“Let me check with my friends.”
I totally understand. I wouldn't know when to book either if someone called me out of the blue. Tell you what...let’s see if we can narrow it down so when you talk to your friends you’ll know what I have available. (offer open dates) Just pick any old date so that I can hold a spot for you. I’ll write it in pencil for now so that you can talk to your friends and I’ll call you tomorrow to make sure the date works for you.

"I need more time to plan”
I totally understand. You want to have a good party and I WANT you to have a good party so... I’ve gotta tell ya - it’s actually better to pick a close date because everyone knows what they’re doing this Tuesday. They have no idea what they’re doing 5 Saturdays from now. They tend to forget and make other plans. When you book a fast party people can give you a definite yes or no answer when you invite. Impromptu parties are sometimes the best attended and successful. What do you say?

“I'm too busy.”
I know! This time of year can get so crazy! Are your friends really busy, too? You know what? If everybody is really busy you might not get to see each other til WINTER unless you plan it. You get a guaranteed night with the girls AND you get free stuff!

or, use this for the same "I'm too busy" response:

I know what you mean! This time of year is crazy for me too. You know what? How about having a Take out Party? I could give you some catalogs, order forms and cute little bag of all of a couple of sample lockets to carry around with you for a week and then, when I come to pick up the products, you can give me the orders you collected. This way you still can get Free Products while not messing with your schedule. What do you think?

“I don't know many people.”
That's OK. I like to a have a couple of big shows and a couple of small shows every month. You can be one of my smaller shows. How does that sound? (You can also ask her if she has a friend she would like to co-host with. That takes the pressure off, too.)

Step 6: START!

Now that you are all prepared... Get your timer started and GO! Don't stop until your time runs out! If you don't Start... you won't book anything!

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Step 7: Share your Results!

This is KEY! Come to our Facebook Team Page and then Share your Results. Share all the numbers.

* How many people you contacted
* How you contacted them
* How long your Blitz time was
* How many parties booked
* How many Maybe's
* How many No's

You can be the inspiration for other Consultants to step outside of their comfort zone and try doing a Blitz - because you had the courage to do it And to Share.

Booking even 1 Party is HUGE! Stepping out of your personal comfort zone is the only way to grow and build.

Give a shout out to your Buddy's who did the challenge with you! Support can be Beautiful.

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Blitz as Often as you Want and Need to!

We are going to focus on Group Booking Blitz's Randomly! You don't have to do it just once. Keep doing them every week until you get enough parties to keep you busy

Offer to do a Blitz with a New Recruit you Sponsor to show them how it's done and get them off to a great start. If someone in your Team says that they're having a hard time booking, challenge them to a Blitz! You can do this. I have given you all the tools, tips and even SCRIPTS!!!! Let's Rock it Hooters. We Can! We Will! We are!! That is our Story!

Contact me if you have Questions

Jill McCarthy

Your "Sparkling Hooters Team" Executive Team Leader