1/10/2014 Negotiation Update


The District presented their contract proposal. Major components include:

District employees entering the teacher bargaining unit would have their seniority date back-dated to their original hire date. (Article V, p. 6)

-EM-O has no interest.

· Performance increment advancement would require completion of at least 120 days of teaching service (student contact days). Days devoted to parent-teacher conferences, teacher’s workshops and other staff development opportunities, and days on which a teacher is absent from school WOULD NOT COUNT toward the 120 days. (Article VI, p. 9)

-EM-O’s counter proposal is to include conferences, workshops and staff development days as part of the 120 days.

· District gave notification that paying Teachers as Substitutes will ONLY apply to teachers who are already assigned a classroom section. (Article VII, p. 11)

-EM-O maintains that “teacher” is defined in the contract and in statute. We take issue with the district’s interpretation and will file a grievance if implemented.

· District will match any amount for Deferred Compensation between the minimum and maximum match, but the 457 option would be eliminated for matching. (Article VII, pp. 14-15)

-EM-O proposes grandfathering in those who are already enrolled in 457s and offering more vendor options for those contributing to 403(b).

· Employees would be allowed to waive health coverage in the District’s plan. (Article VIII, p. 16)

-EM-O has a concern about how waiving coverage would impact our rates.

· Group Benefits/Insurance language would freeze the amount of the District contribution for insurance. (Article VIII, pp. 16-20)

-EM-O wants language included whereby increases are shared by District and teachers.

· The workweek for full-time ECFE teachers will be changed from 1200 minutes to 1380 minutes of student contact time per week. (Article XIV, p. 46)

-EM-O agreed to this, as a compromise to the District proposal of 1500 minutes.

· Striking the present PLC MOU from the contract. (p. K)

-EM-O is not interested in removing this from the contract but instead add clarifying language to include Data Teams, Collaborative Teams, etc.

· Schedule A: Salary proposal—

o 2013-2014: $900 stipend for all active employees and no advancement on salary schedule for either steps or lanes.

o 2014-2015: 1% increase on the salary schedule, with advancement on salary schedule for steps and lanes.

-EM-O rejects this salary proposal. We have heard loud and clear from you that you do not want and will not accept a stipend in lieu of an increase. Performance increments and lanes have been earned and should be honored. The District stated that one of the most compelling reasons for offering just a stipend the first year is the concern about having to open other employee group contracts that contain a “Me too” clause as follows from the Custodial contract:

Subd. 3 Wage Re-Opener.

a. During the term of this agreement, if any other union or non-union employee or group of employees negotiate agreements, or determine terms and conditions of employment that include step increases, cost-of-living adjustments (COLAs), and/or any other form of compensation increases other than one-time stipends, to be paid during the term of this 2012-2014 agreement, the District and the Union agree to re-open negotiations relating to Article VIII of the agreement as it relates to wages and compensation.”

Please read two meeting notices below!

LCAT Meeting, It's time to organize!

Monday, Jan. 13th 2014 at 4:30pm

10200 73rd Ave N # 126

Maple Grove, MN

The Local Contract Action Team (LCAT) is inviting you to come to an organizing meeting. This meeting is to put plans in place to organize our members for a fair contract settlement. All members of Education Minnesota - OSSEO are invited to attend. If you cannot stay for the whole meeting, that's ok! Come for some or all of the meeting, we welcome all input from the EM - O members!

General Membership Meeting

Thursday, Jan. 16th 2014 at 4:30pm

10200 73rd Ave N # 126

Maple Grove, MN

This is the General Membership Meeting for EM - O. This is for all members of EM - O. Dinner will be provided please RSVP to: linda.schugg@edmn.org