An interactive white board for the iPad!

What is Educreations?

Educreations is a an interactive whiteboard which allows you to record your voice and screen. It allows the user to annotate, animate, and narrate nearly any type of content or concept. Teachers are able to create short instructional videos and share them instantly with students, or ask students to show what they know. It's a great way to get students to explain their thinking and demonstrate problem solving steps.

Creating Your Account

In order to get the most out of Educreations, you MUST set up an account. You can log into your account in the app on the iPad and then can access all student videos from the website. Also, iPads logged into this account pull all videos onto that iPad - so students can watch each other's videos ... or they can watch a video you made! Make sure you log into the account BEFORE students start creating!

Go to and create your account there. (You can do this step on your laptop if you wish.) I suggest you make your password something easy to remember (mbes123; abcde; etc) so if a kid needs to log in, you can tell them the password!

Download the Educreations app from the App Store. If you already have the app, make sure it is the updated version. The icon at the top of this Smore is the icon for the "new" Educreations. The old icon looks different. Open the app and go to the "gear" icon, tap Login, and enter your information.

Getting Started

If you have never used or seen someone using Educreations, then you can use this lesson to see and have an idea of some of the things you can do. LearnZillion is also a great resource for finding videos instead of creating your own. (To get credit for this app you must create your own.)

Creating Your Own Lesson

  1. Decide on an upcoming math topic that you would like to model.
  2. Open Educreations app on your iPad.
  3. Tap the + to create a new video. *Here is what it will look like: (first image is for old version; second image is for updated version)
Big image
Big image
4. Create atleast 3 different slides showing how to solve a problem using the skills/strategies you are working on.

5. You can either record while you are solving the problem or after explaining what you did to solve the problem. You can also pause recording at any time and resume it again later. (The video example was recorded while they were working.)

If your students are making a video, I suggest you have them write it out and then record.

6. When you are finished, tap the Done/Export button and save the lesson. Name it, set to Private, select a subject and tap save.

Ideas for Use

- You could create a video explaining a concept and save it to your account. Students then will have access to it on the iPad (if it is logged in) and can view it in a center.

- Students can solve their own math problems in Educreations and explain their thinking.

- Students can draw story elements and voice over explaining a story.

- This app has limitless possibilities!

If you have students create videos (while logged into your account), you can log onto Educreations on your laptop at any time and view all completed videos! What a great way to check their center work!!

How do you earn your Educreations badge?

  • Select a "lesson" that you've created (or it could be one a student did)
  • Choose the "share" icon at the top
  • Tap the "link" icon
  • Choose "copy link"
  • Paste link into an email and send it to me OR you can stop by and show me

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