You Do What?!?


Job Description And What They Do

Turns out vets are not just for dog. Vets are imporntant for humans also, they comfort and consult the owners of the animals too, I mean they are mans best friend! Primarily they the prevent, diagnose and treat helth problems in a wind variety of animals. Regaurdless of the type of animal,but more than half of all veterinarians stick to small animals. Vets do almost anything related to helping animals. Vets are the equlivent to doctors for animals. They preform surgurys, diagnose, and treat animals of all shapes and sizes .

Education, Skills, And Personality

All veterinarians need a need a bachelors degree in biolgy, animal science, and chemistry. As far as skills a vet needs an affinity for animals and the ability to get along with animals as well as there owners and good manual dexterity. All vets need to have a patient personality as well as attention to detail, good communication skills, a carasmatic attatiude and a love of animals.

Salary And Where They Work

A veterinarian on avrage makes an annual salary of $ 82,900. There project job groth is 21% and there in demand. When veterinarians go to work they can go to The Humane Society Of The U.S.A. The U.S. Department Of Agriculture, or The VCA Antahlinc