benifits of soy beans

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Approximately six percent of soybeans are used directly as human food, mostly in Asia

The oil component of crushed soybeans is primarily used for human consumption, although the proportion used for biodiesel production is growing rapidly, especially in the U.S.

  • One acre of soybeans can produce 82,368 crayons.
  • Soybean oil provides an environmentally friendly fuel for diesel engines.
  • During the Civil War, soybeans were used in place of coffee because real coffee was scarce.
  • 98 percent of the soybean and livestock farms in the country are still family farms.
  • U.S. farmers first grew soybeans as cattle feed.
  • 45 percent of the world’s soybean acreage and 55 percent of production is in the United States.
  • Soy ink is used to print newspapers and textbooks.
  • Soybean is used in plastics, wood adhesives and textiles.