Aurasma -

Bringing Student Work to Life!

Download the free Aurasma app on your mobile device and watch us learn!

After downloading the Aurasma app, follow these simple directions to subscribe to the mwes2016 channel.

1. Launch the Aurasma app. You will be taken to the viewfinder.

2. Click the Aurasma 'A' menu icon. You will notice a series of options along the bottom.

3. Choose the "Search" icon, which is designated by the magnifying glass.

4. Type in "mwes2016". A list of relevant searches will pop up.

5. Locate our channel and press "Follow."

Congratulations! You are ready to go back to the viewfinder and view all of the content in our channel!

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The Aurasma Symbol

This symbol will be located on student work throughout the building. When you see the symbol, open the Aurasma app and scan the work until an "aura" appears. We are excited to share more of our day with you and hope you enjoy a look inside!