Serve Opps

For those interested in joining a Ministry Team

Serving in a Ministry at Crossroads

First let me thank you for considering helping us with our Ministry Opportunities (Ministry Opps). We have many needs and are excited that you are interested in helping us fulfill our Mission...

Crossroads Baptist Church exists to make disciples of Jesus Christ who Love the Lord, Love Each Other, and Serve with Urgency.

There are a few expectations that we have prior to someone coming into Ministry with us...

  1. Salvation. It is absolutely necessary that anyone who serves with us has surrendered their life to the Lord Jesus Christ. The kind of love we desire to show others we are ministering to can only come from a relationship with Christ.
  2. Life Group. It is important that anyone who wants to serve with us be a part of a small group of believers here in our church who are growing together, keeping each other accountable, and studying God's Word.
  3. Church Membership is not required to serve. We hope that through our Small Groups and through serving with us, families will desire church membership with us, adding an additional layer of accountability and encouragement in your walk with Christ.

Finding a place to Serve...

Below are the current serving needs. Please click on the bar below to sign-up to serve.