How To Do Well In VCE English

Improve your understanding and get better grades

First of All- Read!

Make the effort to read the books you are studying- more than once. The key here is understanding so if there is anything you don't get the first time, try again and ......


The more you ask questions about what you are reading, the better your understanding will be. The better your understanding is, the more you will enjoy it. The more you enjoy it, the better your marks will be. The equation is really that simple.

Your Texts


Your notes should contain questions and observations

Link them to your own ideas. It should be obvious when you retread them what they are about. You can ask questions, make links, find key themes, look for character traits, look at setting and look at language.

The key ideas of the text should be noted and you should look for key quotes that best explain these ideas.

Use the resources you have

Your teachers are here to guide you. Your peers are a great study resource. The library is a greatly e to get help and to study quietly, without distraction. Use all of these things in order to achieve what you want for yourself.

The more you put in, the more you will get out.

REMEMBER- if you don't understand- ASK!