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For AP Students and Parents

As we continue to plan for the weeks that our schools will be closed following Governor Whitmer’s announcement, there are many opportunities for students to continue their learning at home. These resources and activities provide opportunities for your student to engage in content and practice around their AP classes. The links below are organized by each AP class.

There are no requirements from the district or teachers for students to complete any of these activities, but it is suggested they engage with practice items, videos and tests, in order to prepare for the AP tests they will be taking in the future. There will be no collection of work, grading or rewarding of any activities.

AP Test Prep

College Board AP Prep - Official SAT Practice

AP Practice Exams - all disciplines

Fiveable - resources an live streams to prepare for multiple AP Exams.


AP Concepts and Terminology Review

American History podcasts compiled by Ms. Eddy at CHS.

AP History Practice

AP Review - Adam Norris

This site has video reviews of all nine eras in AP U.S. History. Can be used to supplement reading, study for tests and quizzes and to review for the AP test.

AP U.S. History Review
A very solid (and free) AP U.S. History review book.

APUSH Explained
Some of the best review videos around from California Teacher of the Year Daniel Jocz.

Crash Course U.S. History
Great site for AP Review. Thank you John Green.

Epic Compendium of APUSH Movies
A massive crowdsourced list of movies that you can watch that might be useful for APUSH.

Mr. Betts Musical AP U.S. Review
Lots of musical parodies that teach and review U.S. History.

Review by Era for AP U.S. History
Traditional Era review from the Gilder Lehrman Society for US History.

AP Gov

AP Government - National Economics Site

AP Government - icivics site

AP Statistics

AP Stats Review/ Practice Tests

AP Stats

AP Classroom - Look for Personal Progress Checks to be opened up.

2012 AP Statistics Exam

2019 AP Statistics Exam

Watch This: How to Do it All Wrong..

Practice “Choosing a Test” Here


AP Computer Science Principles