Trail of tears

Bad actons

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This is one of the most terrible things the U.S. has ever done. Don't be tricked by the beautiful path, for it has a very, very ugly background . It was named after what it was filled with, tears, the Trail Of Tears.

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The five civilized tribes were forced to travel from their homelands in the deep south to reservations in present day Oklahoma. The journeys of the five civilized tribes along the Trail of Tears started in 1831. The Choctaw tribe were removed in 1831. The Seminole tribe were removed in 1832. The Creek tribe were removed in 1834. The Chickasaw tribe were removed in 1837. The Cherokee tribe were removed in 1838. The Trail of Tears was approximately 1000 miles. Andrew Jackson signed the Indian Removal Act in 1830 which reversed the U.S. policy of respecting the rights of Native American Indians. The Treaty of New Echota in 1835 ceded all Cherokee land to the United States for $5.6 million. U.S. soldiers did not allow the Indians to take extra clothing, food or blankets for their journey on the Trail of Tears.

Not all of the Indians walked the entire way of the Trail of Tears. Some had horses and wagons, and some were transported part of the way by barges. The Cherokees were allowed 600 wagons and carts, 5,000 horses and just over 100 oxen for their journey across the Trail of Tears. The Cherokees were organized into separate groups of about 1,000 people for the journey on the Trail of Tears.

The five civilized tribes were called that because they adopted the various cultural and political features of the Europeans. This includes farming methods, clothing, houses and many converted to Christianity. Wealthy members of the five civilized tribes had black slaves who worked on their cotton plantations. The five civilized tribes had a written constitution, a judiciary system and a public school system. The Indian Removal Act started the removal of the tribes via the Trail of Tears from their homelands in the deep south to Indian reservations in Oklahoma.

After the civil war, most of the Native Americans were gone or dead. They went from thriving civilized tribes to nothing. People being evicted from their home and sent some where out of the way. The road they sent them on was called the Trail of Tears.