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May 8-May 12

This week the students will learn about letters Vv and Zz. What happens if we add "magic e" to any short vowel words? In math, we will continue with our daily bubble quizzes. Please review your child's quiz with them each night. Practice those math facts:) We have also started the decomposition of numbers 12-20.

Letter: Vv, Zz

Sight/Spelling Words: was, what, where, said, come, green, from, see, four, they

Read Me Words: van, Val, zap, zip, jazz, Bev, buzz, frizz, vest, vet

Story Element: Main Idea


  • The Color Thon is May 12th.
  • There is a half day for students on May 12th.
  • Please remember to check the snack calendar.
  • Send in 2 candy bars or 2 bags/boxes of candy by May 15th.


May 8-12

Monday: Cut and paste letter Vv

Tuesday: ELA Review

Wednesday: Cut and paste letter Zz

Thursday: Sight Word Review.

Friday: Read, read, read