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The Winter Classic lead

Have you ever been or watched the winter classic before? The winter classic is fun to watch and interesting to learn about. You will be learning about the history of the winter

classic Just the Winter Classic and problems faced due to weather conditions.

History of Winter Classic

Do you want to learn about some History of the Winter Classic. Well First is the Winter Classic began in 1991 in las vegas and the teams were the Los Angeles Kings and the New york Rangers for the Caesars palace. But the first Winter Classic on the Football fields and baseballs football was 2008 the teams were Buffalo Sabers and the Pittsburgh Penguins. The league was proposed back in 2004 by NBC but was resisted by the league executives. In the whole years of the winter classic there were two lockouts since the desert game in 1991 and the league reconsidered the winter Classic. The 2014 Winter Classic of the fans made the guinness world record book of how many fans were their the old guinness world record was 104,173 people the new one this year is 105,491 people that doubled the other crowd last time as it was the largest crowd in the winter Classic for this year. The fans that were at the first winter classic in 2008 was 71,217 people at the Pittsburgh Penguins and Buffalo Sabers game.

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Winter Classic 2014

If you want to learn about the facts of the winter Classic well I have it all here so you better be ready to listen. So in the 2014 winter classic the teams were Detroit Red Wings and the Toronto Maple Leafs. It was played at Detroit Michigan on the Michigan Wolverines Football field. The winter Classic is every year on January 1 on new years day. It’s very hard to do the ice each year for the Winter Classic because it is outside and the ice can melt really easily so the refs watch each winter classic to see if the ice is good or not. The weather was Clear skies high of 16 degrees and a low of 10 degrees at the Winter Classic 2014 that was actually not as cold as the last couple Winter Classics. The fans as they were trying to break the record of fans to come to the 2014 Winter Classic they couldn’t even feel their faces in 20 degrees of weather. There were 105,491 fans watching. The winter Classic in 2014 It was the Largest crowd in hockey History. It was so cold at the 2014 Winter Classic that there tape on the stick was not sticky. It Is always the best game of the year For the Winter Classic because the Fans are trying each year to make a record of fans for the Winter Classic each year so they could have fun and get snowed on at the greatest game of the year Winter Classic.

Problems faced due to weather conditions

“You throw in the uncertainty of the weather, a great old rivalry, and a little eye black – it’s the best.” – Doc Emrick

“It’s about dealing with the elements, the snow piles on the ice, the wind, the shield getting wet…it’s almost like driving without your windshield wipers.” Eddie Olczyk

If you want to learn about the Effects of the winter Classic well I have it all here so you better

ready to listen. its very hard to pass and catch the puck doing the ice before the game the sun can make the ice melt and it could be a really hard time getting the ice to the perfect spot and so then the teams don't have a hard time working. The net it is difficult to fix where the net in place

the puck does not slide as good as a regular game.

2013 one effect was the lockout fans were really mad when that happens

people come from different states to watch like one was chicago and they came 2013 and was really mad.the winter classic is really hard to prepare for the game there are huge piles of snow that pile up on the ice so if they would ever go into a shootout like it did this year they would take a shovel and put it to the side the fans are really cold each year.

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Bad Weather Conditions

This is them shoveling during the game that is alot of snow and the weather conditions were horible with the snow but it was probaly a fun game playing in snow.

The Winter Classic Conclusion

Now that you heard all of the information of the winter classic I hope now you have a pretty good idea of what a winter Classic is. Now that I hope you like the winter classic because now that you got all the information I wish you would actually like to watch it or go to it so if so everyone who reads this ask your parents to take you to the 2015 winter classic at Washington D.C because If they let you everyone who goes is going to have a blast so have a great time and hoped you had enough information for this piece.

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Winter classic

this is where the 2015 winter classic is it is in Washington D.C. and the capitals are going to be at home so if you ever would like to watch a Winter Classic this is your chance to watch once.