Book Four: The Last Council

Theme One: Trust no one

When the Hayes family arrive in the city, the rest of the crew break off to venture around. They move around the city looking for somewhere to get some food. After they are kicked out of a restaurant, they find a little girl who leads them to her parents restaurant. Once inside, they are immediately warned to leave and are told that they can't trust anyone because they have been turned into something else. The place is invaded and they narrowly escape out the back window.
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Theme Two: Don't judge a book by its cover

Cogsley and Miskit are left alone on a nest with a baby dragon. A ship comes by and they immediately presume that it is a pirate ship and that they want to take them. When they are picked up, they discover that it is only a single man who is in fact actually there to help them. After listening to what the man has to say to them, they both realize that he isn't the bad man they assumed he was.

How the themes relate

There are many different kinds of people, some that you can trust and some you cannot. Even though it is first said that you must trust nobody at all, it is also stated that there still are good people. Even though most of the people are bad, there are still those willing to help. The lesson is that you can trust a few people, but be careful.