Freshmen Newsletter BCIT Medford

July 27th Edition

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Final Freshman Newsletter for July...

Hopefully you and your family have a better idea of what to expect when the school opens in September. These newsletters should have provided some insight to life at the Medford campus.

Please feel free to contact either an administrator or the counseling office at any time throughout the remainder of the summer if you have any questions.

This edition will provide the following information:

  • New Student Orientation
  • Start of the day (Drop-Off & Pre-Homeroom)
  • Child Study Team
  • School ID's
  • School Lunch Information
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New Student Orientation

This year all new students are invited to attend an orientation program on August 21st. This program will be designed to allow our new students to become more comfortable with our building and to begin new friendships with their peers. This year will we have an Ice Cream Social as part of the day's activities!
New Student Orientation Program

This link will provide you information pertaining the New Student Orientation Program


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Morning Procedures

Each morning the students will enter the doors through two entrances. All students that take the bus will be dropped off in the Student Parking Lot (located in the back of the building) and will enter the building through our primary Student Entrance.

Students that are not taking the bus will be dropped off in the front of the building near the flagpole. Students will then enter the building through our secondary student entrance, via the set of doors in the courtyard (Under the MEDFORD sign). Students are not permitted to enter the school through the main office entrance. The building opens at 7:50am.

Once the students are in the building they are not permitted to leave the building without permission from a staff member. The first bell will ring at 8:12am at which time the students are permitted to go to their lockers and prepare for the school day. The homeroom bell will ring at 8:20am. Students are expected to be in homeroom at that time or they will be marked late to school.

During the time between drop-off and the first bell, students will have the ability to get breakfast, go to the gym, work in the tech lounge or just socialize with their friends. Students are not permitted to leave the first floor or go to their lockers without permission. Students can work with a teacher during this time, but a written pass is required and must be shown to a staff member in order to go to their classroom.

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School Lunch Information

BCIT offers various breakfast and lunch options for our students. Families have the ability to set up an account for their child online and can monitor their expenses.

Prices for the 2019 - 2020 School Year:

Reduced Breakfast - $0.30

Paid Breakfast - $2.25

Reduced Lunch - $0.40

Paid Lunch - $3.25 - $4.25

Extra Juice - $0.55

Extra Milk - $0.60

The online student account system information will be provided in August regarding enrollment.

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School ID's

All students are required to have a school I.D. on them at all times when in the building. This card is to be worn and visible when you are on school property. If you are asked for it by any staff member you are required to hand it to the person making the request. If you lose your I.D. card, a new one must be purchased. Students can visit the main office to have a new ID printed. Homeroom teachers will also conduct an ID check and a list of those students names without an I.D. will be sent to the Main Office. A new I.D. is then printed and delivered to the students that morning. An obligation will automatically be issued to the student for $5.00. Parents can view fines through the parent portal. Obligations can be paid to the main office or through MY-SCHOOL BUCKS from the Medford homepage. If a student has an open obligation, the Parent Portal will have limited access until the obligation is closed. An “$” sign indicates that a student has an open fine.

School IDs will be provided on the first day of school. As part of the New Student Orientation, students will have their pictures taken in preparation of the opening of school. Students that are not able to attend the orientation will have their picture taken during the first week of school.


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