Stuff you can't live without.

We have finally mad 3 gadgets that will change your life and make it so much easier.

The flying car.

The flying car a gadget that we have been working on for years. It's finally complete, so if you're ever stuck in a traffic jam and you have to be somewhere at a certain time no need to panic just press the air button and you'll be up in the air flying to where ever it is you have to be.

Helping hand robot

Have you ever been in the situation where you have to do the washing up, write an essay for english by tomorrow, do the dusting, pick your little brother up from school and do the shopping for dinner? Well if you have then you need some help and I know just the thing.

Helping hand robot. This robot does the washing up and other house chores. They hate a mess and sort it out as soon as they see one. They are also quite knowlegable so can help you with homework if your stuck on it but they wont do it for you neither will they tell you the answers just guide you the way to the.

These gadgets will be making there way to any car shop or market in 2014.

Get them and you wont be sorry