Super Bowl Commercial

Heinz Ketchup

Wiener dogs

Ali Bhamani

Mrs. Danley

12th grade Language arts

14th February 2016

Super Bowl Commercials

During the Super Bowl, Heinz Ketchup placed an advertisement about their product. In the commercial, a large number of wiener dogs, dressed up as hot dogs ran across a field and jumped at human beings, who dressed up as different products of Heinz. This was a smart idea as they chose "wiener" dogs for the commercial, and the saying that "a dog is a man's best friend" comes into play. The message of the commercial states that ketchup is a hot dog's best friend as they go very well together, so using dogs and humans as a relation was a great tactic and topped the charts for the list of commercials at the Super Bowl. In fact, I bought a bottle of Heinz ketchup at the grocery store after seeing that commercial when I was told to pick up some groceries. The commercial became what its creators wanted it to be; a funny, heartwarming commercial that brought the people of America together.