Bringing HOOPLA Home

Joie de Vivre

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That word pretty much sums up Hoopla 2013! From Danielle dressing up like a Vegas Showgirl to the SWAG to 3,000 fabulous women dancing up a storm at Chateau Nightclub to the Red Show Affair to Blythe describing the inspiration for the jewels to fabulous training and filming for Oprah, we had a jam packed 3 days of amazement and inspiration.

I was thrilled to share this experience with Abby & Missy and I hope more of you will join us next year...mark your calendars, July17-19 at the Marriott World Center in Orlando.

There are so many new things coming that I am going to forward you an email from corporate that I received as a leader because they will describe things better than I can. Jump on the calls and webinars this week and make the most of the "Rock Your Summer Challenge" and earn the Hostess Exclusive prizes that will help you book up you holiday season. I am putting it out there, I am going for the PEGASUS!

I look forward to seeing those of you who will be at the Cincinnati meeting tomorrow night!

XO- Barb

A little inspiration from Missy and what she took away from her first Hoopla...

I came home with pages and pages of inspiring meeting notes (thanks again for the stylish notebook!). Hoopla was a fabulous, uplifting, inspiring and exhausting experience all rolled in to one and my life is richer because of the new friendships forged there.

As I was getting ready to go to Hoopla I was reflecting on my first year as a Stylist. I wondered what was holding me back from growing my business. Why was it so hard to make the calls and reach out to people to book trunk shows? For the first time in my life "shy" was a word I could use to describe myself. I don't like feeling or being perceived that way. I hoped that attending Hoopla would help me change that, and it did in a big way. During the first general session Jessica talked about the fear of failure being a universal trait among mankind. I am not so special that I, alone, am afraid to fail. Everyone shares that fear and whether or not I allow that negative emotion to consume me is a CHOICE for me to make. No one cares about how I look, act, sound, etc. as much as I do. I need to drop self-criticism from my wheelhouse.

Another important meeting takeaway was the need to look at my role as a Stella & Dot Stylist from a business standpoint. Sure, I LOVE the jewelry, but I have to make it my job every day to encourage other people to share in my enthusiasm. In order to achieve this I plan on talking about Stella & Dot more every day. If I believe in what I am telling people there is a good chance that they will too! I need to stop feeling (and probably projecting to people) that I am asking them to do me a favor by hosting a trunk show. From now on I will focus on the OPPORTUNITY I am offering to those prospects. I have something to give.

The importance of honing my time management skills is another topic that resonated with me at Hoopla. Jessica said she looks at the first hour of every day as the "rudder that steers her life" in the direction she wants to go. Like Jessica, I function with more clarity when I take care of myself. The best way I have found to accomplish that is by working out first thing but it is easy to get sidetracked! I look forward to being more mindful of how I spend my time. Nothing will ever be perfect, it just won't, so I plan to stop sweating the small stuff so much and to learn to delegate more around the house (look out, Lance!!).

I could go on, but I have jewelry to unpack, trays to arrange, prospective hostesses to call Debut Hostess postcards to send out, a business opportunity to chat up! Time Management 101 is kicking in!!

Always here to assist you with your Business!

Barb Fogel, Star Stylist