Grit to Great

by Elena Schopler

What is Perseverance

When people think of perseverance they think of fighting through many obstacles. We usually use them in an everyday basis. We can learn to overcome perseverance by believing on what we can do. We can learn on how we can face with some of the same things as others. The purpose of the newsletter is to show how we can learn, and inspire from many things we have persevered through in our lives. It can relate on how we might want to yield toward through any rough times. We can show us on what we can learn from the examples of Eleanor, 7th grade middle school Survival guide, Kayla Montgomery, The Sandy Road, and Dartanyon and Leroy.

Informative Paragraph

Dartanyon and Leroy/ Compare and Contrast

Dartanyon Crockett and Leroy Sutton are high school best friends that went everywhere together. Both Dartanyon and Leroy have in common are they play the same sport, wrestling. Also once they left high school neither of them could afford school. Some things that separate each other are, Leroy is paralyzed from a train accident. Dartanyon is legally blind. Even though they are different they still had a huge connection. Even though they both wanted to go to college, Dartanyon worked to go in the Paralympics. Leroy worked to go to school and go to college. Even though they have differences they have a seriously strong connection.

Kayla Montgomery/ Problem and Solution

Kayla has suffered many problems for five years. For instance battling a disease called Multiple Scoliosis. There is no cure for this disease but she can take other alternatives. The way she battles M.S is a unique approach to how someone can battle M.S. She runs on her cross country team. Kayla says that the sport helps her battle the disease and try to have her control M.S. Another problem she faces was on how she ran. When she runs she cant feel anything in her legs, she cant pace her legs to go faster or slower. So she learned to run faster through her arms, than legs. Kayla has a disease but she can't let that stop her, she fights and learns what here body can do.

The Sandy Road/ Cause and Effect

The reason of the problem of the Sandy road story was the pilot became very tired. He became very tired, because every day they could not walk on the burning hot sand. So they would travel in the night because it would be nice and cool. The pilot became tired during in the night and the oxen turned around. They thought they would be done with traveling so they threw out there water. So when they found out that they turned around, the pilot could not stop until he found some water. When he found the water, he used all of his effort to break the rock that was above the water. He used perseverance to find water, and break the water until he was finished. He decided to never give up on what he believed in and fight to forgive all of the fellow people that were on his travel. In the end they got water and traveled to the city to sell there goods.

How to Survive Seventh Grade

  1. Make sure to listen to the teacher, because they might give a random pop quiz to see if your listening. Take notes on anything that you think might be important in the future.

  2. Raise your hand once every class so you won't get the question “Who have I not heard from today?” If so just ask that you couldnt hear from all the other classmates.

  3. Have a hidden pack of gum always in your binder so no one would ever take your gum. Its great for when your taking a big test because it eases your nerves.

  4. Have an open pack of gum were you give to friends. Maybe make bargains for different flavors of gum, it different but in a good way.

  5. Be nice to everyone because when everyone goes to High School you might change your mind. Including boys and girls, just treat people the way you want to be treated.

  6. If you get a strict teacher, just be calm and make sure your not on their bad side. Or else you can see a dramatic change in grades.

  7. If anything do not PROCRASTINATE, if you procrastinate on a big test or a big paper chances are that your teacher will think badly of you. You would learn more bad habits in the future. Which wouldn't be good for High School.

  8. Stay true yourself in every way, girls and boys in middle school like to change themselves to fit in a certain group. If you mask your true identity it can get those friends mad and give you a bad reputation for school.

  9. When taking speeches don't look at anyone but make sure your looking around the room. Look at their foreheads and make sure you are confident to the teacher and audiences. When starting the presentation become confident and eloquent so the teacher will be impressed with you, for next time.

  10. In Middle School make sure to wear deodorant. Even though you might not think that you smell, puberty will get the best of you. Girls, always have backup perfume just in case there are any times you forget to wear deodorant/perfume.
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Eleanor Roosevelt/ Concept Map

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What we can learn from others is to keep fighting. When we see all of these people that had face adversities, they didnt just ventured into what they wanted. They believed in them selves that they could do what they wanted not what others wanted. When we see the examples I have shown we can see how they stood up even with adversities trying to fight against.