LBJ Boys and Girls Enjoy Reading!

April and May LBJ News

Carl Deuker is a favorite author at LBJ Middle School!

The fifth six weeks started out with excitement for our LBJ boys. The book selected for the boy project was Carl Deuker's latest book "Swagger"! 70 boys read and AR tested on the book and were invited to a book discussion. The boys were surprised with an author Skype; They enjoyed questioning their favorite author, Carl Deuker.
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Thank You Carl Deuker!

Our most gracious "Thank YOU" to Mr. Carl Deuker for taking the time to SKYPE with LBJ boys and for always being so encouraging to our book club. We at LBJ love Carl Deuker's books and are always waiting for the next one.

The book "Swagger" by Carl Deuker inspires a Basketball Tournament !

Basketball teams were formed by the boys that read the book "Swagger". Several of the boys shared the book with an adult male in their lives and invited the adults to play the friendly basketball tournament with them. Our sincere thanks to these adults ( uncles, teachers, dads, brothers) for encouraging the boys to read.

Win the Tournament!

It is always so exciting to watch these readers turn into active basketball players. They play with their heart.... it is always so close! But then we have a winner!
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Girls, Girls and More Girls!

97 LBJ girls read the selection "Forget Me" by K.A. Harrington

Fourth annual "Girl Project" was a great success! 97 girls read and AR tested on the book "Forget Me" by K.A. Harrington. The book club had their book discussion at a luncheon at the Echo Hotel and Conference Center in Edinburg, Texas. It was a wonderful experience for our LBJ girls. It is exciting to see these young ladies enjoy listening to the speakers and having a great book discussion .
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Mari Caballero

Mari Caballero is a prominent citizen of Pharr,Texas. Mari was an educator, is a business woman, is a mother of 3 successful young men, and is married to Dr. Ramiro Caballero. Mrs. Caballero spoke to our LBJ young ladies about the importance of education, faith and having a successful career. Our girls were enchanted by Mrs. Mari Caballeros words of wisdom.

Thank You Mrs. Caballero for a dynamic talk!

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Melinda Diaz leads book discussion !

Melinda Diaz, attorney at law, lead a spirited book discussion on the book "Forget Me" by K.A. Harrington ! Melinda related life experiences, challenges, relationships and outcomes to the selection. LBJ students were enthralled with the discussion. Miss Diaz ,Thank You for an amazing discussion!

21 MUltimillionaires and 71 Millionaires!

LBJ is "ecstatic" that we have 92 millionaires! Congratulations to all our students for their hard work and dedication to the love of reading! Keep reading!

Not present for the picture: Gidgeth Cardenas, Donaji Cardenas, Jose Cruz, Mark Suarez, Ashton Marroquin, Daniel Gonzalez, Kristine Contreras, Justin Garcia, Kristine Rodriguez, Bryanna Luna, Kaitlyn Garcia, Dominick Rodriguez, Zuriel Ramos

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