Google Docs

Searching Google Effectivly


You can make websites with Google Docs.


You can make documents with Google Docs.


You can make presentations with Google Docs.
You can get on your Google Docs on any computer anywhere.
You can share anything you make on Google to anyone that has an email through Google. Then whoever you share it with can edit it if you let them.

Searching Google Effectivly

Narrowing Down Results With Quotations

You are doing a report on pink dolphins for school. You need to find information about them so you type in Dolphins to Google. You get 170,000,000 results! That's way to many, you need to narrow down your results. Now you type in Pink Dolphin. You get 4,160,000 results. Better, but you can still get less results and save yourself time. You now type in "Pink Dolphin" and you get 2,310,000. Adding the "quotations" will narrow down your results to when you type in "Pink Dolphin" the words pink and dolphin will be right next to each other. If you didn't do that something could pop up from a blog that said something like, "I just got a new dolphin keychain! It goes great with my pink headband." Instead of, "The pink dolphin lives in the Amazon River." Your last step is you Type in "Pink Dolphin" facts. You now have 38,600 results! They are probably all on topic, and it saved you time!

Narrowing Down Results Using A Domain Extension

If you only want the websites that pop up in your results to end in .com or .gov or .net, you type in "Pink Dolphin" facts Now all the websites that pop up will end it .gov