Monday Memo

May 2-6, 2016

Happy Monday!

I can't believe we are already at the point where we will only have one more Monday Memo. This year has just flown by!!

We are entering the final days and students are beginning to feel the anxiety of having summer off. Some are looking forward to a break from school to relax and play, but there are others that feel safest here at school. Please keep in mind that for them, acting out is their way of expressing the panic of a summer where there might not be food and no loving supervision. It seems the opposite of what you would expect, but they are struggling with letting go.

Give them some extra patience and love in the last few days. You all have cared for them and taught them so much, and whether they express it or not, they are thankful for you.

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Endings Abound

As we wrap up the year I've been dealing with a lot of lasts myself. As my daughter is ending her senior year I find myself looking back on the last 18 years in disbelief. How we lost so much time so quickly is a mystery. My sassy little girl has turned into this amazing woman that spent an entire school year designing and sewing her own prom dress. Her skills and energy are amazing to me. Cherish every second you have, before you know it their school years are over.

I'm excited to see the next chapter of her life and all that she accomplishes.

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Thank you to all those that have helped proctor MAP testing. We are entering the last week, let's finish strong!

Thank you to everyone for showering our amazing ladies in the office with balloons, flowers, food, cards, and hugs. They are so deserving of their special day.

Thank you to our wonderful teachers. This week we take time to appreciate you and all your hard work. Monday, please stop by the lounge for some pancakes from 7:45-8:30. We have more exciting ways we are appreciating our teachers. Check out the flyer below!

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Retiree/Teacher of the Year/Support Staff of the Year Banquet

Wednesday we enjoyed some time together to honor those retiring and our building teacher of the year and support staff of the year.

Lynn did a fabulous job on the food and the high school provided amazing servers and a jazz band.

It was a truly great time to thank those for their many years of service and recognize our winners.


Carolyn Wilburn

Luanne Andrews

Margaret Conoyer

Bob Hoffman

Teacher of the Year:

Allison Barnhart

Support Staff of the Year:

Dena Dyer

The Week Ahead

Monday, May 2nd - IL meeting at West (Admin team will be doing walk-throughs for 4.1), 5th Grade on Field Trip

Tuesday, May 3rd - Team Meetings, ELA Cohort 3:50 at East

Wednesday, May 4th - Science Curriculum Team 3:50 at East (I'll send an email to those that need to attend.)

Thursday, May 5th - PBIS Tier II 3:45 in Room 151

Friday, May 6th - Supply lists due to office, Committee Sign Up Ends

Monday - A day

Tuesday - B day

Wednesday - C day

Thursday - D day

Friday - E day

End-of-Year Data Collection and Folders

As a reminder there are some items due before checking out.

All running records should be complete for all students. Scores should be entered on the Google Drive spreadsheet by Friday, May 13th. Please make sure all running record documents are placed in a pocket of their green folder.

All interventions documents should be placed in a pocket of their green folder as well. If you have a student seeing an interventionist please print out their progress monitoring graph. Cori and Bonnie can help you find this if needed.

Purple wildcat cards should be complete and in the green folder.

Please have students complete a writing sample in letter format for their teacher next year and include that in the green folder as well.

If you have a student's DRA folder that can just go inside the green folder. Don't worry about taking the forms out of this folder.

These folders are due in the office at check out and all documents need to be inside and complete before checking out. We'd be happy to look through folders if you'd like to make sure you have included everything before checking out.