End Mass Incarceration

Institutionalized Racism is a blight upon this country.

What is Mass Incarceration? What does it have to do with racism?

Why Does This Matter?

Mass Incarceration in America is propulsed by the strict social profiling employed by police officers across the country. The men and women in our police force are actively picking out certain people to detain based on the color of skin. There is a reason our penitentiaries are expanding so quickly, and it's not only because of the crime rate. We people of color are picked out and selected in a ceremony, chosen ones who have earned the honor of going to jail. More often that not, the offense is minimal - a headlight out, tinted windows, etc. but officers stretch their power beyond its reaches, making arrests on the most marginal of issues. This abuse of power is disgusting, and as much as we would like to believe it is just a select few cops in America that carry this out it is not. It's just the South that's racist. America is corrupt, and though the roots of this illness are slowly being pulled out, the progress is slow. Here's hoping we can do something to speed up that progress.