Salvador Dalí

Surrealist painter

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Major Accomplishments:

One of Salvador Dali's famous and well Known painting is " The Persistence of Memory " Made in 1931. Helped make a silent surrealist short film in 1929 called "Un Chien Andalou" Directed by Luis Bunuel, That was shown at a Paris Studio called des Ursulines. He also worked with Walt Disney to help with a Alfred Hitchcock Movie.

What was his life in Paris:

* In 1926 He went to Paris for his first time and met Pablo Picasso
* He met his wife Gala Deli, on his 2nd trip to Paris in 1929
* He was the artist for a short Film that showed in Paris in 1929
* He did his first individual exhibition in Paris at the Galerie Pierre Colle in 1931