Culture of Guinea

The People

The population is around 9.2 million people a is gowing at 2.4% every year. Also almost 3/4 of the people live in rural areas. Guinea's offical language is French although many of the people in rurals areas dont speak French. Guinea gives the Guineans religous freedom and 85% of the population is Muslim.
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Everyday greetings are an important part of everyday life and if you skip someone it is considered an insult. Guineans greet with their right hand or both hands the left hand only is an insult. Guineans always are inviting their frends over to share a meal with them. Lastly Guineans usually eat on the floor or a mat using their right hand.
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Life Styles

Living with your extended family is common in rural areas and sometimes in urban areas also. Youth can date but they usaully are influenced on who to chose by their family. The most popular sport is soccer, and basketball and volleyball are popular too. Guineans major holidays they celebrate are New Years Day, and Easter.
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Guinea government is a multiparty democracy with 34 administrative regions. Guinea also has 25% of the worlds bauxite and many other natural resources. Next Guinea has six years of primary school fours years of middle school and three years of high school. Lastly the health care system is very understaffed and half of all of the doctors Guinea has are in Conarky.
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