Singley Street Journal

February 5th, 2016


February 10th - Writing Celebration 2:20-3pm

February 12th - Valentine's Day Party

February 19th - Immigration Projects Due!

February 23rd - Immigration Museum and Feast!

What's New in 4S!

Multi-Digit Multiplication in Math Workshop

Students have been learning all different types of multiplication methods this week. We have discussed lattice, the traditional method, partitioning rectangles, and partial products. All of the students have been doing great at trying and experimenting with different methods!

We have also started a new type of Math Workshop. We are now looking at real-life jobs mathematicians do such as accountants, engineers, coders, statisticians, and architects. Students have work goals for the day, which allows us to really focus on our individual needs!

Writing Workshop

Students are currently finishing up their Personal Essays. They worked very hard developing a thesis, supporting reasons, and providing evidence. We are so looking forward to sharing our essays with you this weds!

We have also been learning about similes and metaphors. After reading Dr. Suess's My Many Colored Days, we picked a color paint chip and looked at sensory examples. Wait until you see their artistic ability!

Reading Workshop

Students have been working on understanding sequence of events and cause and effect this week. We read the story "The Earth Dragon Awakes!" about an Earthquake in San Francisco. We are also going to be reading a story called "Antarctica Journal" this week to practice cause and effect.

Students have really enjoyed their book clubs! We are focusing on thinking while we read and being aware of what type of thinking we do. Students are reading George's Marvelous Medicine, A Castle in the Attic, Snow Treasure, Ben and Me, and The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle!