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Chiyogami - The Durable Decorative Paper It is possible to Sew

There are many different types of Tissue paper you can find from all over the world, from tissue to cardboard, plain to heavily decorated and all things in between.

Each paper has pros and cons when it comes to a particular project or use. Among the best and most versatile forms of paper is Japanese chiyogami paper. It is not only light as a feather, it's also very strong and can be used even while a fabric.

Traditionally developed by hand from natural plants and fibers in purified water, it is a clean and wonderful material to work with. While most chiyogami is now machine printed, there are still traditional paper producers who print patterns manually in layers of shapes and colors.

Chiyogami is available in unbelievable quantities of colours and patterns, may be molded when wet and also used for almost any sewing project that you may have in mind.

Some fashion designers have used Printed tissue to create stunning formal gowns, fun party wear and even funky handbags and shoes.

One particular sewing project will be a pouch. All you need is one medium-sized chiyogami sheet, a sewing machine or needle and thread. If you'd like handles, use extra chiyogami or even a length of ribbon.

First, fold the sheet widthwise with all the patterns on the outside, then fold it in two (widthwise) again.

Sew along the sides, making sure to leave the most notable free for the opening. You now are free to leave it as is with the seams showing, or go ahead and turn it inside out to hide the seams. Considering that the chiyogami was folded twice, both the inside and outside have the lovely pattern showing.

Now, bring your excess chiyogami and fold it by 50 percent lengthwise to double the strength and stitch it shut. Using this piece of chiyogami, or ribbon of your choice, sew the handle on both sides. If you would like to include an adorable little closure, simply sew a loop of ribbon nearby the top centre of just one side, then another loop with a knot at one end aligned in the opposite side. Make sure the knot fits snugly through the loop to keep the pouch closed.

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