FIFA 2014

fifa world cup

On 2014, FIFA will be held at Brazil. Brazil is the fifth country to host the world cup twice. There will be 32 teams competing at the event. Players such as Messi will be there at the tournament. Lucky to the Socceroos who qualified in the 2014 world cup. Good luck to the teams because they are gonna need it.the tickets will be on sale on august 2013. There will be twelve stadiums the teams will be competing in. The stadiums will be held at Rio De Janeirou RJ, Brasilia DF,etc. The world cup wil start on 12th June at five o'clock in the afternoon and end on the 13th July at half past five in the afternoon.Now I'm going to tell you the rules.

Here are the rules.

Do not touch the ball with your hands.

No complaining with the refferee.

The goalie is the only person who can touch the ball with their hands.

The referee is the person who is in charge of the game.

A referee's objective is to make sure the players are safe from injuries.

The objective is to try and score a goal into the other teams goal.

There are four corner flags for corner kicks.

There are two goal keepers and eleven players each team.

Each team has a coach.

There are free kicks if fouls are made.

2014 world cup

Thursday, June 12th, 5pm to Sunday, July 13th, 5:30pm


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The name of this mascot Tatu Bom De Bola.He is an avater of Brazil.


Brazil speaks the language portuguese.The population over thirty million people.Brazil is located in south America. Ecaudor and Chile is also located in South America. Brazilian street food is acaraje which are fried balls of shrimp.Coxinha are chicken croquettes.Empadinhas de palmito are small empadinhas filled with hearted palm fillings. To say hello is Ola.