Adventures On The Oregon Trail

Kylie Kerr

December 5th, 1854

The start of our adventure begins with us having to cross the Missouri River. I was scared to try to cross myself because I had 4 children to worry about. I payed the ferry 25 dollars to be able to cross the river safely. Thankfully, no one in my wagon train got hurt. Throughout the day the land became to get very dry and water was crucial. I brought 2 water barrels, so we managed to be okay.

Our next stop was to hunt. I used my pistol and one ammunition box, sadly, I got nothing. My family and I were worried about food but then we remembered that we brought tons of dried beef. At the end of our long day just as we were about to stop for the night we encountered a sioux. He asked us if we wanted to gamble. We did! He told us he wanted to test our strength. We showed our amazing strength and he rewarded us with 25 dollars. It was a successful day on the trail.


December 12th, 1854

The start of our day begins with tragedy. Miya's family member gets a broken leg. Later in the day we met a tribal leader who wanted to test us. He said who ever can balance a book on their head with two books in their hands for 5 seconds will get a prize. We were victorious in this challenge. he rewarded us with 5 boxes of ammunition and 5 blankets.

Later in the day after lunch be come upon the river. We all filled up our water jugs to make sure we never ran out of water. There was another choice to be made, pay the ferry 45$ to cross safely or cross yourself and risk danger. I payed the 45 dollars. We all safely crossed, thankfully.After lunch we hunted. It was a very successful trip! I got 30 pounds of buffalo. at the end of the day we had to make a choice of which trail to take... We took the Burial Grounds Trail.

Panoramic Of Oregon Trail

Panoramic of the oregon trail. Digital image. Flickr. Flickr, 3 July 2010. Web. 9 Mar. 2015.
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December 29th, 1854

We start our day with a major problem. We encounter a native america on the Burial Grounds Trail. They said that we must turn around or we will get killed. This creates a huge set back. We are lost on the way back to the start of the trail when suddenly my son Jeff cals out of the wagon and gets run over and dies.

We get back to the start of the trail and we start down when we reach the river. We want to fill our water jugs but it is filthy. We must make another important choice about whether or not to pay the ferry or ford the river ourselves. I pay 50 dollars and cross safely. Just when we think we are safe for the day we are attacked my native americans and we lose supplies from our wagon. Finally, the day is over and we reach another fork in the road we choose the salt flats trail to continue on.

January 3rd, 1855

Everything starts to fall apart. Kevin falls in a cactus and Emma's baby gets sick. We are forced to turn around because this trail is too dangerous and everything is going wrong. This causes a huge delay. We choose the massacre trail. This was a bad choice as well, because the native americans attacked us and we all lost half of our supplies and my entire family died. It was a very tragic day for everyone. :(

Its getting scary out here. Im all alone on my own everyone is fighting for themselves. I don't know what to do Im so scared. Im am running out of supplies and food. HELP!!!!

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Tombstones on the Oregon Trail

Tombstones on oregon trail. Digital image. Google. Tony the Marine, 15 Feb. 2014. Web. 9 Mar. 2015.