Cultivating an Abundant Mindset

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Year of Abundance Interview: May 9 [In your Inbox]

  • How can ego and confidence help with abundance?
  • How can you live abundantly without a lot of material possessions?
  • How can I feel closer to my goal of living abundantly?

Change the way you think about how to live abundantly! It's easier than you think!

Join me while I interview Anna Goldstein of Self in the City and find out:

  • Her journey to a 6-figure business
  • How you don't need material possessions in order to be abundant
  • Ways to improve your relationship with abundance

A life of confidence and improvement is around the corner. Let's learn how to be abundant together!

Don't miss your BIG mind breakthrough on May 9th!

May Year of Abundance Expert Speaker

Anna Goldstein, NYU Certified Life Coach for Self in the City

Anna Goldstein, an NYU Certified Life Coach for Self in the City Life Coaching Company, empowers individuals and professionals to make positive life changes. As a junior, Anna was Maryland State Champion and a nationally ranked tennis player. Anna earned her B.A. in Psychology at Penn State University where she also played on the Division 1 Varsity Tennis Team. After graduating college, she moved to New York City and coached tennis in Midtown for individuals and group classes. Her experience as a tennis player and instructor sparked her interest in coaching people to improve their lives. Anna's drive and passion allowed her to create a successful coaching practice. She coaches individuals and professionals that range from Broadway actors, Emmy award winners, executives, entrepreneurs, and more. Anna is a committed individual who is motivational, energetic, and creative. Anna has been in, The New York Observer, Time Out New York, SHAPE Magazine, Marie Claire and has been a guest speaker on Sirius Radio, Martha Stewart Living, and Hot 102.

Year of Abundance Expert Host

Sonaya Williams, Chief Business Builder

Sonaya is a Business Consultant on a mission to equip service professionals with technology to make their business day easier, systems that deliver a memorable customer experience, and support so you can create success on your own terms . She streamlines the way you do business with simply and easy tools.

Her clients range from solo-prenuers to franchise owners that are ready up their game and have a bigger impact on the world, without sacrificing their time. Sonaya's clients value both their work and life outside of their business with family and friends. They are committed and ready to learn new ways to improve their business.

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