Broadcast Technician

Gracie Webb

What are the basic skills required on the job?

I operate television channels.

What types of activites are done on this job?

They also set up operators in homes and other places.

What are the working conditions and physical demands?

Are generally pleasant you just have to keep equipment safe and protected it’s also different temperatures and weather climates.

What are the work hours and travels?

Work hours range from 40 to 50 hours and travel depends on the persons television needs.

What are the educational requirements of the job?

You have to know how to use the electronic equipment.

What is the national average annual wage for this job?


What is the average annual wage for this job in Texas?


What is the average hourly wage for this job in Texas?


What is the future outlook for this job

It’s a good job because the labor market is changing.

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