A Later Start For School's

Should school start later?

My 3 Reasons

  • Better Students
  • More Time To Get Morning Stuff Done
  • The Older You Get The More Sleep You Need

Better Students

  • When students get more sleep they are more alert and are ready to learn.
  • Research that the National Sleep Foundation has done shows that 60% of children are tired during the day and 15% fall asleep.

  • Some schools have already pushed back start times form 7:15 to 8:40 and teachers have seen improvement in grades just from 45 more minuets of sleep.

More Time For Planning And Getting Morning Stuff Done

  • When you push back the start time of school teachers have more time to plan and get ready.

  • Teachers have to: wright homework, wright their plans on the board, and make last minuet plans for the day.

The Older You Get The More Sleep You Need

  • The older you get the more sleep you need (Like it says in the article: Later School Start Time Has Surprising results).
  • Teens need more sleep as they get older because their body is growing and their using up more energy, hence the need of more sleep to produce that needed energy.