Reforestation of Costa Rica

Eiggam Droftocs

Deforestation is an environmental problem that affects wildlife in our community.


There are many causes of deforestation in Costa Rica. For example, cattle farming plays a part in deforestation. Burger King and Wendy’s give money to the cattle farmers to cut down the forest and replace it with lots of cattle.

Another possible cause is mono crop farming. Mono crop farming is when farmers cut down trees to plant only one thing. For example, pineapple, palm oil, teek and cattle are all raised using mono crop farming.

A final cause of deforestation is population growth. Population growth is when lots of people move to a country and need a home. This is a part of deforestation because these people cut down the trees to make space for their hotels, restaurants, and houses.

Effects of Deforestation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

There are many effects of deforestation in Costa Rica. First, because of deforestation, fragmentation happens. The wildlife cannot get from the coast to the jungle without being exposed in a great open space. This causes animals such as monkeys, sloths, and wild cats to be trapped in one tiny piece of land. They cannot survive without their family and cannot get back to them. This is a big problem in Costa Rica.

Additionally, because of fragmentation, trees get separated and become vulnerable. During storms and heavy rain, the trees collapse because there are no trees to protect or support the these trees in this small place.

A final effect is species loss. Because of deforestation animals like jaguar, tapir, sloths, monkeys, and big cats habitats are being destroyed. This is a huge problem in Costa Rica.

Solutions of Deforestation

There are many possible solutions to deforestation. First, organic backyard farming. Backyard farming is good because you grow your own food with no pesticides, is more environmentally friendly, and does not involve cutting down trees or using any fertilizer.

Additionally, forest corridors help because they create pathways for wildlife without them being exposed to a big open space.

Finally, reforestation is a solution.Reforestation is planting trees in places where there are none and this is good because trees are really important to the environment and humans. Trees produce oxygen and fresh air.


In my opinion I think we should plant trees and do not ever play any part of deforestation.


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all about Eiggam Droftocs

Hello I'm Eiggam Droftocs and I live in England and I am 12 years old. My passion is helping animals in the jungle when I grow up I want to be a zoologist and help animals around the world. I was born May 18th in London and I have two cats and three dogs and a few goldfish. I made this project to hopefully change deforestation to reforestation. This is important to me because I love the jungle and I would like there to be some jungle when I'm 60 years old. Every Friday after school I take a walk in the woods with my mum and dad and also my three dogs and every now and then see badger or two. Every summer I go to Houston Texas to visit my friend Alle Ttocs. I love animals so much and so dearly I want to change deforestation. I hope I convinced you to work with earth and Mother Nature than against it. Thank you.
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