Non-Surgical Orthopedic

By: Madi W.

What is an Orthopedic?

You may ask what an orthopedic is, and mostly likely you will think it is a dentist (orthodontist). Actually an orthopedic is a person involved with the human body. Specifically the bones and muscles of the skeleton. There are 2 types of Orthopedics, surgical orthopedics and non surgical Orthopedics. I am interested in the non-surgical Orthopedic branch.
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What does a non-surgical Orthopedic do?

Non-surgical Orthopedics treat

  • Rehab after an injury
  • Pain management
  • Sport injuries
  • Physical Therapy
All these revolve around recovering from an injury. Also a non- Orthopedic surgeon is also involved in sports medicine, which is similar to an Athletic Trainer

What skills are needed?

You practically have to know every bone in the human body and the important muscles surrounding it just in case you break a bone there will be muscles involved. Knowing the human skeleton might be tricky, but that is why you have a Bachelor degree and then 4 extra years of medical school (8 years in collage total) to figure all the details about the human body. If you wanted to be a surgical Orthopedic it would take around 10-12 years of college.

What Branch of Science?

A non-Orthopedic surgeon falls under life science. That is because a Orthopedic deals with a living thing, which is the human body/skeleton. The human body is an amazing thing, and there is so much that you can find out about it. Who wouldn't want to know what the human body really is? Wouldn't you want to know what is really going on inside your body? I would, and that why I am so interested in learning to be an Orthopedic.
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Why did I Choose This Career?

I simply choose this career because the human body interest me. I wanted to be an Athletic Trainer but being a non-surgical Orthopedic is the same thing, if not better. If you get in the right subject it could be just like working as an Athletic Trainer. Being a Orthopedic would let me discover things I never would have known about the human body about all the different joints, muscles, bones etc. This also has a stable salary making my life have more choices.

Salary for non-surgical Orthopedic: Low of $265,345 to a high of $641,728 a year.

If you do the job correctly and properly.