French Imperialism

Wyatt Green

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Why take over Algeria

The French Imperialism on Algeria is because french wanted to expand and have more land under their power for money and for more military ; French was So full of people at this time so they needed to find new land to expand there population.

Effects on the Algeria Government

Under the Second Republic the Country was under a Civilian government but when Louis Napoleon came to power the government was changed to a military government.

The government was changed drastically and the people lost there rights in the government.

The Impact of French Imperialism in Algeria

Algerian Government today

The government in Algeria today is a Republic formed and was changed in 1976. The government control on the economy is scaled at a 48.9 meaning the the government and the peoples power are almost equaled out evenly do nobody is in more power.

French Actions

The french Military Killed 1.3 of the Algerian population which was 1 million people and after the imperialism the population of Algeria was mostly french. The French military also used the Algerian people as slaves and made them work for the French Economy to make more money.


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