5 Themes of Meography

S'more Project

By Randall Kruchten


Location= Absolute- specific location, latitude and longitude, address

Relative- approximate location

Relative Location: I live in Avon, Minnesota. Avon is in the middle of the state.

Absolute Location:

  1. 45.6092° N, 94.4517° W

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Place= An area that is defined by everything in it

Physical features: There are a lot of trees in my yard. I also have a pond. My cat also lives outside. We have a garden that we plant pumpkins, corn and tomatoes in. The weather at my house is usually sunny and windy. I also have a lot of shade from all the trees.

Human features: There is a swing set in my yard. I have a lot of neighbors. We park cars in our yard. Our camper is also there. I have a four wheeler and a lawnmower too. Avon Elementary is close to my house.

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Human-Envrionmental Interaction

Human-Envrionmental Interaction= how people adapt to the environment and depend on the environment

I depend on my environment for food. I like to eat vegetables, like corn and carrots. When we buy cans of pop that are held together by plastic, we cut the plastic apart, so an animal wouldn't die from it. I adapt to my environment by wearing warmer clothes when it gets cold out.


Movement= the way people, products, ideas and information move from one place to another

1. Transportation: I get from place to place in my mom's van or my dad's truck.

2. Goods: I eat pizza which comes from Italy.

3. Communication: We communicate by using phones and computers.

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I'd like to go to Hawaii.


Region= an area that is defined by certain similar, unifying characteristics.

Unifying physical feature:

St. Cloud- Mississippi

Midwest- Great Lakes

Unifying human feature:

St. Cloud- St. Cloud State University

Midwest- Mount Rushmore

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