Williams Valley Elementary School

Reopening: Part 2


Alright, lets try this again. Welcome back to the 2020-2021 school year. Once more, my name is Mr. Nicholas Sajone and I am the new principal here at WVES. Although things have changed, the goal of our school remains the same; deliver a high quality instruction while also keeping student safety as a top priority.With that said, some of the procedures have been adjusted to accommodate the larger student population.


All students must wear masks throughout the day. On the first day, students will be given two cloth masks and a lanyard. The lanyard attaches to the mask to help keep the mask off the ground. Masks should be washed every day. Parents, it is your duty to make sure students understand the importance of wearing a mask in school and the protection of not only themselves but their classmates and teachers. Refusal to wear a mask may result in disciplinary action. Remember, this is mandated by the PA Universal Mask Order. Students may only remove their masks when they are given "mask breaks" throughout the day. "Mask breaks" may only be given if 6 ft of social distancing can be maintained. In some cases and in certain classes, this may not be possible and students will not be given a "mask break."
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Full Online Asynchronous Learning Option

Student who choose the full online learning option will begin the same day that all students begin by logging into Google Classroom and completing the daily attendance check at a time of earliest convenience. Here are some of the features of the asynchronous option.

  • Students can complete work at their own pace watching pre-recorded lessons, videos from other sources, Google Slides, and other various methods conveying instruction. Please note, it may take up to 24 hrs. for recorded video to upload to Google Classroom
  • They can also complete assignments at their leisure but will have a minimum of 48 hrs to complete any assignment.
  • Teachers can be contacted for assistance during normal school hours through email, chat in Google Classroom, or phone.
  • Pickup for materials for asynchronous students will be September 9th, 10th, and 11th from 10:00 am to 12:00 pm at the elementary school. There will be an after hours pick up from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm at the elementary.

* If you did not complete the latest survey and would like to let us know, please Notify Brian Pipech at 717-647-2167 ex.1224


Please check the newest bus list, with pickup and drop off times, that was sent out via email and is posted on the district website at www.wvschools.net .


Student arrival at school will be from 8:05 am to 8:40 am in the morning. Any student arriving after 8:40 will be marked as tardy. Parents dropping off their students are asked to arrive between 8:05 and 8:15 am (This is a change from the Student Handbook). Parents are asked not to park in any of the visitor spots at the school and stay in line. Wait until you can pull up to the curb and allow the student to exit your vehicle. Parents, please do not exit your vehicle. Within the first two weeks, parents will be issued a mirror tag that will correlate with a tag that your student(s) will have on their backpack.

(Note: Please contact Mrs. Dimon at ADimon@wvschools.net in our office during the first week of school and let her know if you will be transporting your student, specifically at the end of the day, so we can issue a mirror tag.)

Once students exit their vehicle, they will be directed to one of three entrances.

Kindergarten, First Grade, and Second Grade will enter through the main entrance

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Third and Fourth Grade will enter the building through the lower entrance by the gymnasium. They will make their way up the hallway toward the cafeteria and use the stairwell to the left to go up to the first floor, with the exception of Ms. Kringe's class, which is on the lower level.
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Fifth and Sixth Grades will enter the building through the recess doors on the right side of the building.
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Students will be able to pick up breakfast upon arrival. Students entering the building through the main entrance will pick up in the lobby. Students entering in either of the other locations will pick up at a table outside the cafeteria.


Students must be in homeroom by 8:40. After that, they will be marked tardy. A daily lunch count will also be taken during homeroom.


While in the hallways, students must wear their masks and adhere to the traffic flow described in the signage on the floors. Keeping to the right and social distancing will be emphasized. Here is some of what the students will see in the hallways:
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Classrooms have been distanced so that students may have a mask break. In the instance that 6 ft. of separation is not achieved, students will not have mask breaks.
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Student lunches will contain a sandwich, side, and choice of milk. This decision will be made in homeroom, so come ready to let your teacher know what you want. Students who choose to bring their own lunch may do so in any type of lunch bag. The cafeteria has limited seating and students will also use an annex cafeteria in the gym and hallway outside the gym. However, some students will not eat in the cafeteria. Kindergarten, Second Grade, Third Grade, and Fifth Grade will eat in their homeroom. All other grade levels will eat in the cafeteria or other designated areas.
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Students will have recess and are permitted to go outside. They must wear masks unless specified. Playground equipment is off limits.


Dismissal time at our school can be hectic. Many parents have chosen to transport their students, while many still ride the bus. This convergence of traffic causes many headaches. Please, when entering the circle, remember that this a school and many children are outside at the end of the day. When picking up your student, line up in your car and wait. Do not exit your vehicle or park in the visitors or numbered parking spots. Wait for you student to make his/her way to you and exit. Be sure to pay attention to what other drivers are doing and wait if need be.

Students who are picked up will be dismissed in a staggered fashion and will exit the building through the same place they entered.

#1 - Kindergarten (Main), Third Grade(Gym), and Fifth Grade(Recess)

#2 - First Grade(Main), Fourth Grade (Gym), Sixth Grade (Recess)

#3 - Second Grade (Main)

Students who ride the bus will be called as their bus pulls in to the lot.


If you have any questions or concerns, contact the school at 717-647-2167 or through my email at NSajone@wvschools.net.

I am excited for Tuesday and can't wait to meet everyone to begin our journey together!

Mr. Sajone