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What's going on in technology professional development?

Technology integration at the MS & HS has begun with the Choose Your Own Adventure and the Redefining Learning with Augmented Reality, QR Codes, Screencasting and BreakoutEDU workshops. (IEC and PEC coming soon!)

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And what are these badges all about?

Badges are awarded to participants who successfully complete the workshop, with evidence of skills learned and the creation of a model. They can be attached to your Gmail signature (editable at any time)--collect them all!

The Teacher's Guide to Badges in Education

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What's that extension in my toolbar?

Read & Write for Google extension has been added to student and teacher toolbars. This extension has many useful tools including text to speech, speech to text, highlighting features, picture dictionary, etc. Watch the quick 2 minute video below for more information.

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Read&Write for Google Chrome™ - An Introduction

This just in...

Google Apps for Education is now called G Suite!
Students can share their chromebook screens with you! Click the link above or the video below for more information.
Cast for Education: Teach & learn from everywhere in the classroom

Halloween Magnetic Poetry (Google Drawings)

Get your copy here!
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