Done - Properties of Matter

Matter is properties By Luke and Andrey

Mass and Volume of Matter

Many people think mass and weight are the same but they are not. For example weight measures the pull of gravity on matter. And mass is the amount of matter in something.
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This is a picture of matter because it takes up space.

Describing matter

Mass and volume are proporties. For example they are things you can describe or measure like color size shape or texture.
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Changing properties

Some properties of substance can change for example a gas can be sqeezed into a small container or it can expand into a large container.
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When a gas condenses it becomes a liquid.


How much something takes up space.


Matter is an object or substance that has mass and volume.

States of matter

States of matter are forms that matter can take.


Properties are things you can measure or describe.
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Questions and Answers.

What is matter?

Matter is anything that takes up space.

Are mass and volume properties?

Yes they are properties.

What are four examples of properties?

The properties are color,size,shape and texture.

What is properties?

They are things you can describe or measure.