Big risks give extravagant rewards

Nick Kuras Period 1

Background information

My dad has completed many heroic tasks in his lifetime. He lived in West Springfield, Massachusetts through college, and when he graduated, he was ready for a change. He had taken many risks in his life, and he was ready to take one of his biggest. My father cares about family, fun, and doing the right thing.


Nick Kuras

March 30

Period 1

Day 1:

I had recently graduated from college, which gave me the idea to change what I was doing. As a child, my family rarely left the state of Massachusetts. I even went to college in Massachusetts. I don’t know how I got the crazy idea to move halfway across the country all alone. Well, I planned on moving with one of my friends from college, but he backed out at the last second, realizing the severity of the decision. My first day was exhilarating. I had a lot to take care of, and I was exhausted from the flight. I stayed at my colleague's friend's house, since that was the only place I had to stay in Chicago. He slept at his girlfriend’s house for a couple of days, giving me a minute amount of time to find and apartment. I didn’t bring much, only a single suitcase, the clothes on my body, and little money. What I needed to do was find an apartment, and a job pretty soon. I already missed my friends and family back home. I fell asleep pretty early that day, getting little done.

Day 4:

Today was the day to move out. I had found a small apartment to stay at, and I was still searching for a job. At this time, I was as lonely as I had ever been. I didn’t know anyone, I didn’t know where anything was, and I nearly gave up and moved back home. My new apartment was very small; there were only 3 rooms: living room/bedroom/dining room, small kitchen, and one bathroom. I was hoping to move out very soon. I found another problem on my way to bed: I forgot to bring a pillow. What I did instead was stuffed a pillowcase with old clothes. Chicago wasn’t as much fun as I had hoped.

Day 8:

I finally found a job. I started working at a bar a couple of miles away from my apartment. At home, I had been a bartender before, so I knew what I was doing. Also, I started making friends with some of my neighbors. There are a lot of nice people in my neighborhood. I started communicating with my family more, which made me feel better. I’m starting to explore the extravagant city around me. At this time, I finally started to adapt.

Day 20:

Chicago is the best city in the world. I have many friends now, and I feel like a real part of the community now. I’m now working at a second bar, and nearly have enough money to move to a bigger apartment. There was a lot for me to do here, and I got used to being away from my family. Chicago has many opportunities, and I wasn’t going to let any of them get away from me.

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Meet my hero

Heroic is one of many adjectives that describe my dad well. He acts towards others before he even thinks about his own needs. My father is one who is always about doing thoughtful tasks and helping when help is desired. He is an extremely good person to be around.