What is global climate change

why is it so imporant

What is global climate change and global warming?

global warming is when the light energy from the sun get stuck in the atmosphere bye green house gasses and warm up the earth but soot and Co2 and other bad chemicals keep more the we need and is warming up the earth. This is global warming and as this goes on it turns into global climate change.

what are the fundamental causes of this?

Earth’s temp. is getting higher, It is when Global warming and global climate change is changing the

amount of heat energy, as it rises so does the temp.

what are the concequences of global climate change and global warming?

  • glaciers and polar bears are dying off
  • polar ice caps are melting
  • increase in deserts
  • increase in sea levels
  • maple trees are dying off

what can a middle schooler do to help reduce the carbon emissions?

  • start a garden of your own
  • plant trees
  • keep your electronics off when not in use
  • use energy saving light bulbs