Norfolk junior high news


Skateboards are fun to ride and to hang out with your friends. You can do tricks and show off, but landing depends on the size of the board and if your feet can land on it. Skateboards are famous today, but you don't see a lot around town. In 1960, thats when skateboarding became famous, but some cities banned skateboarding in 1967, so people gave up skateboarding because there were too many injuries. In the 1990’s, skateboarding was back because of ESPN and MTV. They put the X-Games on TV and got people to skateboard. they made older skateboards out of wood and glue, but the new skateboards are made out of aluminum, nyland, plexiglas, fiberglass and foam.

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clash of clans

Clash of Clans. The whole point of the game is to build a base and you need to attack to get gold or elixir to upgrade your defense and your offense. You can join clans and have clan wars and if you win or lose in clan wars, you still get loot from the raid and you need good troops to attack in war. Or you can just do some regular raids. You can go for loot, you can go for trophies or you can town hall snipe. If you go for trophies, you can get into leagues and the bases will get harder as you go up and all the troops need to get upgraded.

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jack nimble

Jack Nimble of Norfolk,Nebraska wins first place in Candle Jumping event. Candle Jumping is a new event where players race and jump over candlesticks without getting burnt or putting out the flame. Jack won his first place medal on April 4, 2015. He will be attending the finals at the X-Games next month. When Jack was asked about his win he said, “Lots of practice, good nutrition, natural quickness, and a excellent coaching staff contributed to the win.”

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