Study Skills and Tips

By:Arnold Menezes

Why is it important to study?

Studying is important because it boosts your ability to do better on tests, homework's, and quizzes. Think about it if you have a C average in your math class and you decide to study you can bring that to a B average, and if you study really well and do good in class you can get A average


If you are busy all the time and say you don't have enough time to study WELL........ Make a weekly schedule it's called time management. If you study for a certain amount of time everyday it will help improve your grades :)

When you study you get better grades, when you get better grades, you go to greater colleges

Guaranteed Succsess

Frequently asked questions

How do you make studying fun: Well that's easy all you have to do is think outside the box such as, bring your friends over and create a game who ever wins gets a prize...... just be creative

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