Wendigo Psychosis

Hunter Harkey


A condition in which individuals crave human flesh, even if other food sources are plentiful


  • Derived from Algonquian people, along the Atlantic coast and Great Lakes region.
  • Algonquian people believed that those whom took part in practices of cannibalism
  • were at high risk of developing this
  • Considered to be somewhat of a "Balance of nature"
  • Believed to be a "demonic spirit" which takes over ones body whom has partaken in acts of cannibalism

Modern Thoughts;

  • There is a huge debate over this disorder, and wether or not its in fact a real disorder
  • Wendigo was a popular study and phenomenon among psychologists in the early 1900's
  • Some believe this disorder could be a misinterpretation of Algonquian culture, and myths

Swift Runner Case;

Winter of 1878; Swift Runner and his family began to starve whenever his eldest son died. Swift killed his wife, and his 5 remaining children then ate them. They were only 25 miles from the nearest post where food was plentiful, which is why this is considered a case of Wendigo and not so much cannibalism. This wasn't a "last resort" situation, appeared to be a case of Wendigo.