K-2 Team Newsletter

Summer Updates: July 20, 2020

Principal's Message

It's almost here….ALL STAFF PD! I cannot wait to see you all again on Zoom. Just wanted to get a newsletter out to prep share some expectations and updates so that everyone is prepared for next week and beyond. Please read below and reach out with any questions!

All Staff PD Schedule Updates

For New Teachers

  • Monday's session will begin at 11:00 am. You all have already attended the "School Leader Launch" session.

For Returning Teachers

  • Monday's session will begin at 8:00 am.
  • Be sure to accept the invite for "K-2 Professional Development Google Classroom". There are quite a few of you who have not accepted the invite. There are important documents posted in the classroom for PD.

For All Teachers

  • Remember that sessions are subject to change so check your PD agenda daily linked here.
    • Updates or changes will be bolded in red so that you know something was changed out or switched
    • July 30th-31st: Admin will be checking in with teaching cohorts during virtual classroom planning time to check on your Google Classrooms to ensure they are working properly and everything is ready to go for our scholars on Aug. 3rd

Accessing Google Classroom

1. Click link https://classroom.google.com/u/0/c/MTI4MTQ0MzIxNjQ3

2. Click Classwork

3. Find date

4. Click on session

Leadership Team Office Hours

  • Ensure you accepted Dr. P's Google calendar invite for All Staff PD
  • During blocks of time labeled "virtual classroom planning time" if you have questions and need to talk face to face...you can log into the Zoom link and connect with a school leader

Zoom Attendance

You are expected to be on-time to all your PD sessions by logging on 5 mins early to ensure your tech is working properly.
  • Be sure the "Start video" is on (feel free to change your background if you do not want your surroundings to be visible)
  • If you have a tech emergency or "kid-situation" reach out to Dr. P to let her know
  • If during the Zoom call an issue does arise - turn off your camera and send a private chat message to the presenter so they are aware you have to step away
  • Remember the building is open if you would like to work from your classroom (you will have access to immediate Wi-Fi . Please adhere to the safety guidelines linked here when in the building.

PD Attire

Our attire for Summer PD is business casual so please dress accordingly (jeans are fine no PJs).

Other K-2 Team Updates

Summer PD

LINK: K-2 All Staff PD Schedule (linked again for your convenience)

Family Car Parade & Materials Pick Up

This will happen on July 27th from 5-7 pm. We will do it reverse car parade-style (yay) so we can actually get to see our scholar’s faces!

Virtual Kick-Off Night

This will happen on July 30th from 5pm-7pm remotely.

Staff Sunshine Survey

This is due July 21st! If you don’t fill it out we won’t be able show you love with all the things you like. LINK: Sunshine Survey 20-21

Upcoming Events

July 20th-31st

  • All Staff PD: 8am -4pm

July 27th

  • Back to School Car Parade: 5pm-7pm (at EEP)

July 30th

  • K-2 Kick-Off Night: 5pm-7pm (by Zoom virtually)

August 3rd

  • First Day of School

August 10th

  • Rokicki’s Support Webinar for Families

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Dr. Tianay Perrault

Lower Elementary Principal