Modern Day Killers

Do you put your life in your phone's 'hands'?

Your Phone Could Ruin Your Life!

Everybody owns a smartphone or device of some sort. But did you know that they can be deadly? Phones have injured and even killed people like you. 15-year-old Christina Morris pedestrian was killed while on her phone, and others have gotten concussions from digital distraction. By constantly using your hand-held device, you are putting yourself in deadly situations and addiction.

Do you think digital distraction is a big issue for learners today?

Yes! Digital distraction is a big issue for learners because it is taking them longer than usual to finish homework and taking away their time to sleep at night. According to the text, it says,"What's happening is that your phone is constantly calling for your attention while you are supposed to be doing other things." And, " The pleasure you get from interacting with your devices floods your brain with a feel-good chemical called dopamine." The author wrote,"Your phone screen gives off a kind of light that tells your brain to stay awake."

How will this article change my cell phone usage?

This article will change my cell phone usage by me ignoring the notifications I receive while I am concentrated on homework. I will also avoid using my phone while I am walking in public or crossing roads so I will not get injured in any way. This will help me avoid developing a digital addiction and make me safe and more active.

FACT- Cell phone radiation can increase your risk of cancer

Studies show that cancer and tumors are often the outcome of keeping your phone nearby. Do not store your cellphone anywhere on your body, not even your pocket. You should always keep your phone six inches away from your body. Do not press your phone to your ear while talking or sleep with it next to you. This will cause a growing tumor and/or cancer.

Melanie Tamez- 7th Hour Reading

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