Lorenzo Ghiberti


Lorenzo was born in Pelago, Italy in 1378. Lorenzo married Marsilla di Bartolomeo di Luca; sons were the artists Tommaso and Vittorio. Lorenzo is a sculptor who created the Bronze Doors of The baptistery In Florence, The tomb of Onofrio Strozzi. Lorenzo trained in his stepfathers workshop as a teen. He spent most of his life in Florence after being born in Pelago. Lorenzo filled the occupation of a sculptor.
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Lorenzo worked with other sculptors including Filippo Brunelleschi

The East Door Of The Florence Bapstistery (1425)

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East Door Of The Florence Baptistery

This sculpture currently resdies in the Battlstero di san Goivanni (Florence, Italy). This sculpture was creadted in 1425. This is significant because it was the start of the use of Bronze for sculptors. I find this piece so intersting because of the deep detail. It must have taken the sculptor a long time to complete because they didnt have the best tools. This is humanism becasue it revolves around a human.