Donatello Virtual Exhibit



Donatello was born in Florence, Italy around 1386. He spent most of his creative life in Italy, or at the Goldsmith shop. He began working at the goldsmith project and that sparked his amazing sculptures. He was a very kind man that cared a lot about his Catholic religion. Donatello was most know for creating very detailed sculptures, a couple examples are Mary Magdalen, Amunciation and St. Mark. Donatello's patron was Cosimo de Medici. The name of this sculpture is the Young Prophet, the piece was created in 1406-1409. The piece is now located in the Mueso dell 'opera del Duomo. There were not any new details on this sculpture but he used so much detail, its really quite fascinating. What i found very interesting about this sculpture besides the detail was that it once was the left pinacle of the Porta della Mandorla inflorcine. Donatello was a very catholic man and believed religion should always be first.

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