Morning Notes

Tuesday 11 March

Taster Day Student

Thank you to all Grade 9 students for making JJ's Taster Day fun!

The Hub: off-limits today

Unfortunately, the Hub is off-limits to all students today while the Hub windows undergo treatment. It will be open as per usual tomorrow. Thank you for your cooperation!

Calling all Grade 8 students!

Pleaes come to Ms. Zago's room at lunchtime on Wednesday! Thank you from Ms. Zago.

Homework Club

A reminder to all students who take part in Homework Club after school: this is a time solely for homework and not gaming or playing on your iPad. Thank you!

Edible Cinema

Grade 7 students are doing an Edible Cinema unit where they create themed food linked to a set film. So that they can plan for this, they need to watch the video in advance - The first part will be shown from 12.40 on Wednesday lunch time in the hub and the rest in their lesson. They will have some brain storming activities to do while watching the film. Could all grade 7s make their way to the hub at 12.40 on Wednesday lunch time. For other students the hub will be off limit during this time.

iPad updates

To all students:

If you need any assistance with updating your iPad, please see Mrs. Crannell today.

Thank you.

Remember one of our School Rules? No Gum!

Please remember that you are not allowed to chew gum at Halcyon.

Thank you.

Upcoming Trip: EAL Podcast Walk, Thursday 13 March

Students Mavi, Fra, Hermione, Dada, Hans and Frida will take part in an EAL Podcast walk on Thursday 13 March. The trip will be leaving right after lunch.

Students must bring sensible walking shoes, waterproof clothing/ an umbrella, and a charged iPad.

Tuesday's Menu


Mixed Vegetable Soup with Quinoa served with bread.

Main Course:

Rice Pancakes with Coconut Chutney


Broccoli and Cheese Quiche with Garnish

Salads & Sides:

Mixed Salad

Wild Rice Salad


Mixed Fruit Tart




Fresh Fruit

How are Morning Notes working for you?

Let your advisor know, and help us make them better!

Lost and Found items?

Please visit Mia in the school office on the 1st floor.

Lost items:

2 Halcyon PE jumpers,

1 blue knit Gap jumper

1 Grey Super dry long sleeved shirt

A plastic budgens bag containing an umbrella and camera lens.