Fast and Convenience Foods

When you need it; Where you need it!

Food in Covenience

We all need to eat, and the reasons why are obvious. Therefore, the "Fast Food" idea has been around for centuries. It was only since the post-war boom that the "Fast Food" companies exploded in money and value to more people being on the run all the time, because of the new livings to be made off of the city's suburbs and sprawls. This is why fast food is FAST. The food companies used this ideal to create a fast and convenient service to people on the run to make that much more money.

So, Why Fast Food?

The Nutritional Value, Labels, Costs, and Alternatives

Fast Food does have some nutritional value, but it is only meant to get you going for a little bit. That is why there are obesity concerns with Fast Food; moderation is key to keeping nutritional value important. It is also important to keep labels of the foods in mind. An example can be concluded from broiled, fried, and other words that mean cooked in fat. Fast Food in over-consumption can lead to obesity, internal organ issues, and etc. Although, there are healthier, convenient options. Instead of a burger, take a granola bar or a banana. For a drink, some water and juice, instead of the sweet soft drinks. The choice is yours, take action now! Just remember that food in ads is not what it seems in reality...
Fast Food ADS vs. REALITY Experiment